Happy Hour Specials and Penny-Pinching Prices At Fielder’s Choice

You might look at our menu and see appetizers like fried calamari or sushi-grade tuna and assume Fielder’s Choice is a hoity-toity fancy establishment for only the dandiest of wealthy gentlemen and classiest of well-to-do ladies; then your eye might wander slightly to the right of those names, see the low prices and think “What is this? $10!? Even I can afford that on my meager student loans. And these appetizers are TO SHARE!? I almost can’t afford NOT to eat out at those prices!”

As unnecessary as that little outburst of yours was, we still appreciate the sentiment and love your enthusiasm.

With this balance between luxury and affordability squarely in mind, Here are a few meal options to help you stretch those dollars even further:

Happy Hour Specials

First of all, Happy Hour is every single day from 3-6pm, meaning $1 off all tap beers, $2 off appetizers, and $5 glasses of wine, which can really help you feel great if you’re the kind of person who loves getting a deal (and of course you are, because you’re a human being.)

Daily Specials

Every Monday, you can get a two-topping pizza and a pint of beer for only $10, which (we don’t have to tell you) is a steal, because our pizza is the best. And we have 34 beers on tap, so there’s bound to be one for you.


Much like above, except more proudly Minnesotan, every Tuesday we offer a pint of beer and a Jucy Lucy! We’ve already established that we’re basically the Baskin Robbins of beer, right? 34 varieties? Awesome, just double-checking.

Weekend Specials

Sundays from 9am-2pm there’s the All You Can Eat Breakfast; we already made a cool graphic explaining it, so we’ll just plop that in right here:

And finally, the Ultimate Bloody Mary! a 25-ounce monstrosity of delicious gastric peril made with house bloody mary mix and Prairie Cucumber Vodka.  complete with 2 bacon cheeseburger sliders, 2 hot dog sliders, house-made tater tots, soft pretzel, meat and cheese skewer, celery and a pint of beer!  For just $18.95!

According to recent polls of our nation’s greatest minds, your brain, mouth, and wallet will all agree that you made possibly the most correct decision any person on earth ever has or ever WILL make.