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Chase Away the Winter Blues with Winter Brews!

When it comes to Minnesota winters, there is one constant: we have no idea what is coming. One day you might have trouble getting in your car because the door is frozen shut, while the next day, the snow is melting the grass is exposed, and you find yourself wishing you had brought a lighter coat. From frigid “Don’t leave your house today, you could get frostbite!” days, to warmer “You know, the squirrels aren’t even that fat...” days, the weather can change on a dime. Which means our flavor interests change, too.

Winter is populated with dark brews, rich wines, and hearty meals. We’ve come up with a guide, of sorts, to help you navigate the season’s beverage options.

Take a gander below.


Bold Winter Beers: Stouts, Porters, and Ales


When you think about winter beers, chances are you are envisioning something dark. We have a delicious selection of darker brews that emit flavors of coffee, caramel, toffee, and chocolate, but are varied in levels of hoppiness, bitterness, and sweetness.

Indeed Brewing company’s Midnight Rider has hoppy caramel flavor with hints of chocolate. Excelsior Brewing Company’s Mr. Jimmy’s is brewed with licorice root and finishes with a sweet, woody flavor. If you like coffee stouts, try F-Town’s Mocha Stout or Summit’s Winter Ale. You can’t go wrong with any of the delicious choices we have on tap. Try them all; after all, you’ve got all winter!


Wintery Wine Pairings

Typically, red wines rule the winter. When the cold hits us hardest, nothing warms the soul like some hearty meals and decadent dishes, which pair best with red wines. Try our Seven Daughter’s Cabernet or Piccolo Fiore Red Blend with our Slow Roasted Pot Roast entree or hearty Jambalaya.

Though the major holidays are over by now, winter can be a cause for celebrations, so you’ll often see a surplus of sparkling wines as well. Should you find a reason to celebrate or are late to the holiday festivities, raise a toast with Canvas Chardonnay or Seven Daughters Chardonnay or Moscato.

Have Your Dessert and Drink it, Too!

When you ask people about their favorite holiday tradition, many will reply with, “Making holiday cookies!” Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean you need to give up on desserts! At Fielders, we have a delicious selection of adult shakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Seasonal favorites like Apple Pie and Chocolate Mint and year-round stars like Cherry Cheesecake and Iced Latte are always available. Try something new!


Eat, Drink, and Be Mary

Still can’t decide what to get? You can truly have it all with our Ultimate Bloody Mary.  This baby comes fully-loaded with 25 ounces of Bloody Mary goodness topped with hot dog sliders, bacon cheeseburger sliders, a soft pretzel, homemade tater tots, meat and cheese skewers, and a stalk of celery. And unlike other restaurants, you won’t get a small beer back to accompany your bloody, you’ll get a full pint of your choice!


Stuck in your old favorites? IPA’s and lagers don’t fly south for the winter, we still have them on tap! So stop in and grab a pint.